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For most people, choosing the best paint colors for living room can be a challenging task. It is because the living room is the room that gets attention from everyone who visits the house. Because the living room is the social space that friends and families bond with everyone, and it is the place to entertain guests. 

Before choosing the living room colors, look for the shade that attracts you, and impresses you the most as it can influence the guests every time they visit your home. Choose colors that make the room look spacious and makes the look inviting and comfortable.

To produce a stimulating resource tool, here the decorators described some of the best shades that can help your living room look spacious and inspiring. Choosing the best painting contractors Toronto can last longer than manner or trend.

Black, White, and Powder Blue color paint for your Living Room:

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The traditional combination of Black & White considered as the most durable living room color style that has been there from ages. To these black and white colors, you can give a twist by adding up powder blue shade for a richer look.

You can also choose to paint walls with a crisp powder blue color to match with Black & White furniture and décor in your living room. Also, you can add blue shade accessories to your living room like powder blue colored rugs, pillow, throw, and other decorative items.

Rouge and Cream color paint for your Living Room:

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Lighter shades of beige, cream, and White are the best color options for the living room, and also they are trendy options. It is because these lighter shades make the room look brighter and bigger.  If you choose a cream-colored interior, then it can make your living room stand out more if you give a touch of red accessories to the living room.

You can add more cream-colored accessories like side chairs, cushions, pillow, throws, and textiles. As a final touch, add some golden details as well to your living room. This color patterns and scheme make the rook look luxurious, bold, and elegant.

Faded Pink paint color for your Living Room:

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Pink may not be the favorite color for most people, but it makes the living room more attractive. A muted, faded pink is the best way to incorporate a bit of feminine look to your living room area. To make it look more elegant, you can add patterned couches, chairs, layered rugs, and pillows.

As you know that faded pink is an adaptable color, so you can select any other color to match up with it. However, if you want a sophisticated and elegant look, pair it with either white or cream, and add a bit of graphic black.

Burnt Orange and Gold for your Living Room:

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To make your living room look elegant with warm and rustic shades, then choose Burnt Orange and Gold. This color gives the feeling of comfort and warmth.  However, ensure that you don’t go rabid, and also, choose brown and orange furnishings for a cozy, inviting, and warm living room.